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Fixed some stuff in the README

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@@ -7,16 +7,16 @@ This is simply a collection of themes for use in MacRabbit's Espresso. The purpo
Since trying out themes is really tedious and annoying. Open up terminal and do the following.
-* `$ cd ~/Library/Application\ Support\Espresso\`
-* `$ sudo mv "Themes" "Themes-"`
-* `$ git clone git:// "Themes"`
+ $ cd ~/Library/Application\ Support\Espresso\
+ $ sudo mv "Themes" "Themes-"
+ $ git clone git:// "Themes"
Final step, just restart and you're all done. In Espresso, go to `Preferences > Colors`. You should see some new or updated themes.
If you want to update the list with new or updated themes just open up terminal and do the following
-* `cd ~/Library Application\ Support\Espresso\`
-* `git pull`
+ $ cd ~/Library Application\ Support\Espresso\
+ $ git pull
Restart Espresso.

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