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N-API Tutorial

Sample Output

Do not use this on production. This is is meant to be a tutorial and not a production API. The code has been intentionally minimized to ignore many error cases and uses synchronous APIs for simplification.

Sample code which introduces the N-API stable in Node.js since Node 10+. The native code is present in the native folder. The rest of the code is present to demonstrate a sample application. This code was prepared for the Cascadia JS conference -

Here are the native pieces and the order in which they should be read:

  1. Version Gets the ImageMagick version as a string.
  2. Info Gets some basic information about the image from ImageMagick.
  3. Edit Edits an image via ImageMagick to create a new version used in the demo.

There are three versions of the sample usage app:

  1. CLI Wonderful for testing and debugging. Also used for the C++ debugger provided for VS Code.
  2. Server Express.js based web server hosting a sample app for the Edit application.
  3. Electron Sample Electron code using the Edit module.

No recompilation should be needed to run the electron and the node versions. Switching node versions should not need a recompilation to utilize the API. While the API is experimental in node 8 and should not be used in production, this code works for Node 8+ (with a warning in Node 8).

Important Scripts:

  • Recompile Native code
node-gyp rebuild
  • Run Electron Version
npm run electron
  • Run Web server
npm start
  • Run command line API tests
npm test

More resources on the N-API

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