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Release Highlights
Version 2.4.1:
* Fix exponential resource leak in recursive property editor.
* Fix QtQuick item tree view readability with dark color schemes.
* Fix rendering glitch in QtQuick item tree view.
* Fix selection not working on item picking if the corresponding tree model branch
wasn't loaded yet.
* Improve QtQuick element picking on item views.
* Improve runtime attaching on Windows.
* Fix current state configuration not being updated in state machine debugger.
* Workaround QtDesigner >= 5.6 incompatibility with CMake 2.8.12.
* Fix crash when encountering non-serializable types inside a associative
iterable variant.
* Fix setting properties on multi-inheriting types.
Version 2.4.0:
* Recursive property editor for accessing composite property types.
* Support for QML attached properties.
* Server-side object search for considerably speeding up as-you-type searches.
* Code navigation for QtQuick 2 items and Qt5 debug/warning messages.
* Support for Qt5 logging categories in the message view.
* Improved backtrace display for warning/error messages in the message view.
* Support ABI detection on PE executables.
* On-demand population of the font browser for improved performance.
* Optimized performance of the QtQuick 2 inspector on item change storms.
* Add support for QtPositioning data types.
* Add OSX backtrace support in the message handler plug-in.
* Improved integration of KDSME in the state machine plug-in.
* Improved QMake compatibility when embedding the GammaRay client into a host application.
* Fix object construction/destruction reordering issue in multi-threaded targets.
* Fix QQ2 preview of QQuickWidget content.
* Support rpath resolution for OSX probe ABI detection.
* Fix crash on widget reparenting.
* Fix crash in QStyle inspector with Windows Vista style.
* Improve performance of the translation inspector.
* Fix 32bit OSX support.
Version 2.3.0:
* Add QtBluetooth support.
* Support local sockets next to TCP for connecting to the probe.
* Change probe plugin loading to be compatible with Android .apk restrictions.
* Don't generate backtraces for GammaRay-caused qWarnings.
* Also show properties defined in a meta object in the meta object browser.
* Add non-QObject meta object found via QMetaType to the meta object browser
(finds Q_GADGETs with Qt 5.5).
* Performance improvements in object tracking, remote model, property view,
signal spy and several other places.
* Ongoing refactoring work to enable embedding the GammaRay client and launcher
components into other host applications.
* Add copy backtrace feature in the message browser.
* Improved UI-less build option for embedded targets.
* Fix various crashes, including when interacting with QOpenGLContext, QDBusAdapter,
QML ListModels or Qt containers containing types that cannot be serialized.
* Make paint analyzing also work with Qt 5.5 despite the necessary functionality
being removed in Qt.
* Add support for static properties in the property view.
* Qt 5.5 compatibility.
* Initial support for QNX 6.6.
* Improved QtQuick2 in-app item picking.
* Fixed/improved tracking of object reparenting in the object tree model.
* Fix widget layout overlay widget leaking into object/widget tree.
* Optional compression support for the client/server communication, speeds up
debugging over slow USB connections.
* Fix initial selection in the model browser having no effect.
Version 2.2.1:
* Fix spawning a large number of threads in the process list.
* Add GAMMARAY_BUILD_UI build option to only build the non-UI parts,
useful for embedded targets.
* Add workaround for QSortFilterProxyModel regression introduced
in qtbase commit bec1854cc0.
* Follow kdstatemachineeditor KDSME API changes.
* Use the preload injector by default on Mac for Qt >= 5.4.
* Fix probe ABI detection on Mac bundles.
* Fix asserts caused by icon loading in QCoreApplication-only targets.
* Fix crash when target deletes a signal sender in a slot.
Version 2.2.0:
* New translation inspector plug-in.
* New signal monitor and object lifetime plotter plug-in.
* Support displaying of QQmlListProperty contents.
* Expose signal/slot spy callback API to plug-ins.
* Improved state machine visualization using KDSME.
* Support for QQmlTimer in the timertop plug-in.
* Support exporting of QResource data.
* Improved QSGMaterial viewer.
* Various performance improvements for the QtQuick2 remote preview.
* Improved Qt 5.4 compatibility.
* Fix handling of large images in the resource browser.
* Support for manually emitting signals, and improved method display.
Version 2.1.2:
* Fix crash when selecting the scene graph root node.
* Fix two asserts in Qt 5.4 when dealing with connections to slot objects.
* Fix build with Vivante OpenGL ES2 stack.
* Build fixes for Android.
* Fix build issues with Qt5.4 and Clang.
* Fix minor compiler warnings and Coverity Scan issues.
Version 2.1.1:
* Fix invoking non-slot methods with arguments.
* Fix QtQuick2 preview not showing any content with Qt 5.2 or older.
* Fix crash when encountering tooltips in Qt5 targets.
* Fix deadlock in object list model.
* Fix QGraphicsView scene selection in in-process mode.
* Fix debug message handler for Qt5.
* A missing relocatable startup hook is no longer fatal with Qt 5.4.
* Fix Qt 5.4 compatibility of the QtQuick2 preview.
Version 2.1.0:
* Aggregated property view combining static, dynamic and non-QObject property views.
* Qt5Qml/Qt5Quick support
* Probe ABI auto-detection on Linux, Mac and Windows.
* Support to navigate to objects that are property values.
* Plug-ins can now add specialized tabs to the property view.
* Support adding and deleting dynamic QObject properties.
* Support for "hidden" plug-ins, i.e. plug-ins that only provide type support
but no own tool view.
* Support KF5 in the KJob tracker plug-in.
* Support for Qt 5.4 object creation/destruction callbacks.
* Improved connection view, and support for viewing connections in Qt5 applications.
Version 2.0.2:
* Restore compatibility with Qt4.7
* Avoid leaking shared-memory in case of crashes of gammaray-client
* Fix various crashes
* Fix various crashes with heavily multithreaded debuggees
* Fix unnecessary value limits in property editor for QPointF, QSizeF, etc
* Improve property editor value loading performance
Version 2.0.1:
* LLDB injector (enables Mac OSX 10.9 support)
* Fix various cases where client and server states get out of sync
Version 2.0.0:
* Out-of-process UI
* Remote Debugging
* Multi-probe support
* Probe usable on targets without QtWidget available
* Fix preload check on MIPS/MIPSel (issue #63)
* Support for displaying arguments of monitored signals
Version 1.3.2:
* Support more Qt5-specific data types
* Fix crash on some QtQuick2 applications
* Support VTK6
* Fix compilation with Mac OSX 10.6
* Fix GDB injector on Mac OSX
* Fix launching of bundles on Mac OSX
* Fix crash in selection model inspector
* Add fallback if function overwriting fails in MSVC release builds
* Fix WinDLL injector with Qt5
* Fix Qt version detection in the process list on Windows and Mac OSX
* Fix probe re-injections
* Fix plugin loading on MSVC release builds
Version 1.3.1:
* Fix state machine viewer on Windows
* Fix crash in model cell viewer
* Fix crash in meta object browser caused by deleted dynamic meta objects
* Improve performance of the mime type browser
* Improvements in the state machine viewer image export
* Compile fixes for some Qt5 configurations
Version 1.3:
* New KJob tracker plugin (requires KDE4)
* Qt5 support
* New Meta Object Browser tool
* New QStandardPaths and QMimeTypeDatabase browsers (Qt5 only)
Version 1.2:
* Published API for writing your own plugin
* New QStyle inspector
* New QAction inspector with shortcut conflict finder
* New QPalette editor
* QWidget paint operation introspection using QPaintBuffer (requires private headers)
Version 1.1:
* Plug-in system for tools
* Graphical state machine viewer
* Object hierarchy visualization plug-in
* New timer profiler plug-in
* New locale inspector plug-in
* New property view/editor for non-QObject types
(e.g. QGraphicsItem and many of its sub-classes)
* New widget export actions (image, PDF, SVG, Designer UI file)
* New launcher UI with support for starting new processes, self-testing,
and a much faster process list on Mac OSX
* Support more types in the property editor
* Improved widget tree model
* Fix unreliable attaching with MSVC
* MingW support
Version 1.0:
* Initial Release