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_image/Outline With Controller


#Steps ##Create Basic Project Refer to commit till #40ccec2.

##Add UI Controls Refer to commit till #2853186. After done, the UI looks like:

![](./_image/Outline With Controller/UI_1.jpg)

##Add Model Class of "Node" Refer to commit till #516acc4.

class Node: NSObject {
  var title = "Node"
  var children = [Node]()
  override init() {

  init(title: String) {
    self.title = title

Prepare Demo Nodes Data

Refer to commit till #f914811. Node structure:

- Node
- Group
--- Node A
--- Node B

##Add and Configure NSTreeController Refer to commit till #06b01a8. Steps

  • Add NSTreeController in the .xib and select it.
  • Go to "Attricutes Inspector".
    • Set the "Key Paths > Children" to "children".
    • Choose "Mode" Class and set "Class Name" to "OutlineWithController.Node".
    • Select "Prepares Content"

![](./_image/Outline With Controller/NSTreeController Attricutes Inspector.jpg)

  • Go to "Binding Inspector".
    • Bind "Content Array" to self.nodes (which was created in previous step).

![](./_image/Outline With Controller/NSTreeController Binding Inspector.jpg)

##Bind NSOutlineView Refer to commit till #f941f7b. Steps

  • Select "Outline View".

  • Go to "Binding Inspector".

    • Bind "Content" to "Tree Controller"'s "arrangedObjects". Ignore the warning in "Model Key Path".
    • Bind "Selection Index Paths" to Tree Controller's "selectionIndexPaths". ![](./_image/Outline With Controller/Outline View Binding Inspector.jpg)
  • Select "Table View Cell".

  • Go to "Binding Inspector".

    • Bind "Content" to "Tree Cell View"'s "objectValue.title". Node: here the "objectValue" is the class Node as you defined it in the tree controller. ![](./_image/Outline With Controller/Table View Cell Binding Inspector.jpg)
  • Go to "Attributes Inspector".

    • Set "Behavior" to "Editable". ![](./_image/Outline With Controller/Table View Cell Attributes Inspector.jpg)

Run the app, you should see the app like:

![](./_image/Outline With Controller/UI_2.jpg)

##Add Node and Remove It Refer to commit till #d9b7197. Steps

  • Right click on the tree controller.
  • Connect "add:" to "Add Node" menu item.
  • Connect "addChild:" to "Add Child Node" menu item.
  • Connect "remove:" to edit button. ![](./_image/Outline With Controller/Connect Tree Controller.jpg)

That's it. Run the app. You should be able to add node or remove it.

![](./_image/Outline With Controller/UI_3.jpg)

##Edit Selected Node Refer to commit till #22e2c07. The key code is here:

  @IBAction func editNode(sender: NSObject) {
    let row = outlineView.selectedRow
    if row != -1 {
      outlineView.editColumn(0, row: row, withEvent: nil, select: true)

##Disable Remove and Edit Controls if no Node Selected Refer to commit till #eb7decd. The key point is to bind the "Enabled" attribute to tree controller's "canRemove" controller key.

Another point is, when app starts maybe nothing was selected. In this case, disable the Outline's "Attributes > Selection > Empty", and select the Tree Controller's "Attributes > Avoid Empty Selection".