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Online html/css/js editor.
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iCode is an online html/css/js editor. Online Demo

Why create iCode?

Yes, there are already many mature products on the market, such as jsfiddle, codepen, etc. Why did I create another one? Very simple: Practice for css and Vue development. 😂


Such as:

  • Layout for html/css/js/preview is similar to iTerm2: Highlight the current panel, drag and drop to adjust the panel size, etc.

  • Shortcut support:   - ⌘1/2/3/4 to toggle show or hide for html/js/css/preview panel.   - ⌘Enter to run the code manually.
  • Basic editor support such as automatic indentation, syntax highlighting, syntax checking, etc.
  • The code is saved in the browser's local storage.

Code will automatically run after editing by default. You can cancel the option by clicking the Settings icon in the lower right corner of the page.


iCode is far away from a mature product:

  • Multi-project support; currently iCode only supports single project code
  • Cloud save code, running across browsers
  • Code can be embedded in the website
  • Upload resource files
  • More interface layouts, themes
  • ...

How to Run?

Just npm run serve

Welcome to chat with me~

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