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ATK14 Catalog

Build Status

ATK14 Catalog is an skeleton suitable for applications of kind like Products introduction, E-shop, etc. ATK14 Catalog is built on top of ATK14 Skelet — another great skeleton.

Check out to see the catalog running.

The Catalog contains mainly

  • List of categories
  • List of brands
  • List of collections
  • Pages with a hierarchical structure
  • Contact page with fast contact form
  • News section
  • User registration (with strong blowfish passwords hashing)
  • Basic administration
  • RESTful API
  • Sitemap (HTML, XML)
  • Localization (English, Czech)
  • Front-end tooling including Gulp and BrowserSync


3rd party libraries are being installed using the Composer. If you don't have the Composer installed, visit

git clone
cd Atk14Catalog
git submodule init
git submodule update
composer update

If you are experiencing a trouble make sure that all requirements are met:

Front-end assets

With Node.js and npm installed, run following commands to install all the tools you will need to serve and build your front-end assets.

npm install -g gulp
npm install

Run initial Gulp build process for the main presentation and the admininstration.

gulp admin

In order to serve the catalog & watch for file changes run the following command:

gulp serve

This outputs an IP address you can use to locally test and another that can be used on devices connected to your network.

Starting the catalog

If you are not happy with gulp serve, you can start the development server this way:


and you should find the running catalog on http://localhost:8000/

Installing the catalog as a virtual host on Apache web server

This is an optional step. If you have Apache installed, you may want to install the catalog as a virtual server.

./scripts/virtual_host_configuration -f
sudo service apache2 reload
chmod 777 tmp log

Visit http://atk14catalog.localhost/. Is it running? Great!

If you have a trouble run the following command and follow instructions.


You're done! Happy cataloging!

Don't forget to list your new project on

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