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Commonly you would want to re-define ApiFrontend for your own application.
class Frontend extends ApiFrontend {
function init(){
// Keep this if you are going to use database on all pages
// This will add some resources from atk4-addons, which would be located
// in atk4-addons subdirectory.
// A lot of the functionality in Agile Toolkit requires jUI
$this->add('Button')->set('View source')->addStyle('float','right')
// Initialize any system-wide javascript libraries here
// If you are willing to write custom JavaScritp code,
// place it into templates/js/atk4_univ_ext.js and
// include it here
// ->_load('ui.atk4_expander')
// If you wish to restrict actess to your pages, use BasicAuth class
// use check() and allowPage for white-list based auth checking
// Initialize objects which you want to see on ALL of your pages in this method
// If you, however, want to place object only on a single page, then
// create page/mytestpage.php with class page_mytestpage and put objects
// into it's init() method.
// Menu:
// If you are using a complex menu, you can re-define
// it and place in a separate class
// If you want to use ajax-ify your menu
// $m->js(true)->_load('ui.atk4_menu')->atk4_menu(array('content'=>'#Content'));
// Finally if you want to use a simple menu, you can either put it into shared.html
// or include it from other file
// $m=$this->add('Menu',null,'Menu',array('view/mymenu'));
// You need to call initLayout which will determine current page and load
// respective page/...php class.
function page_pref($p){
// This is example of how you can use form with MVC support
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