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# This script updates dependencies of your projects and performs necessary migration.
# You should call this script after you perform git pull
RED=$(printf "\x1b[31m")
NORMAL=$(printf "\x1b[0m")
function say {
echo -n " =>" $RED
echo -n $*
echo $NORMAL
say "Updating main repository"
git pull
say "Calling Composer PHP to update dependencies"
# Update dependencies
if [ -f composer.json ]; then
[ -f composer.phar ] || curl -sS | php
php composer.phar update
say "Updating Agile Toolkit"
( cd atk4; git pull origin master )
say "Updating Agile Toolkit Old Addons"
( cd atk4-addons; git pull origin master )
say "You are up-to-date!!!";
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