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Agile Toolkit is a PHP framework for developing Powerful Web Applications. Inspired by Desktop Toolkits (QT, Cocoa, .NET) it provides clever web application framework for developers with any skill level. Agile Toolkit is licensed under MIT
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					Agile Toolkit 4
                    Web Interface Library and MVC Framework

    Copyright (C) 1999-2010 Agile Technologies Limited

	This library is available under GPL or Commercial license

1. About

Agile Toolkit 4 focuses on a quick development of Web Software

It consists from ATK4 Core and Interafce Library.
ATK4 Core
 - Base Object Oriented PHP5.3 framework
 - Template Engine
 - Model support
 - Database drivers
 - jQuery / AJAX integration
 - Multi-API for different deployments
 - Database management, update framework, dynamic SQL
 - Plugin suport
 - many more
Interface Library
 - Forms (Many field formats, conditions, validation, native AJAX)
 - Grids (Pagination, Searches, native AJAX)
 - Lists (customizable)
 - Menues
 - Pages
 - Trees
 - many more

2. Why?

Agile Toolkit focuses on a quick start and continious project development.
Main concepts which differs it from other frameworks are:

 - Lazy development. Write less code, get more results.
 - Native jQuery UI integration. Really easy to use 3rd party plugins.
 - Develop highly AJAXified web, with almost no JavaScript use.
 - No code duplication. No shell scripts for creating file copies.
 - Only create files (php, templates, js) when you really need them.
 - Complete interface control, bind JS to PHP objects.
 - Add + Configure your objects. ATK will link and render them.
   (this concept might be more familiar to Desktop UI)
 - Inherit only when needed, objects work by default
 - Integration. Configure views with models or dynamic sql.
   (they will fetch data if render is necessary)
 - PHP5.3 required. And we take advantage of language syntax.
 - Extend base classes. Standard components will use yours.
 - Controllers. You can even use few of them at once.
 - Secure by default.
 - Combination of Speed and Flexibility. Move features into modules.
 - Development is art. You'll be amazed at how simple things are!
   (most of the code is easily readable. And it's short yet efficient)
 - Use of PHP features rather than 3rd party or our implementaiton.
   (compile php with XML, DOM, XSLT, SOAP)
 - Nothing is global. Not even class names. Easier and better than namespaces.

3. Additional modules

Agile Toolkit allows you to integrate plug additional code into your software.
For example, by using payment gateway addon you introduce new Models, Controllers
and schema.
 - Payment Gateway (supports PayPal and Realex Payments). You can extend with your classes.
 - Filestore. Stores files in hashed directories but meta information in database.
 - CRM integations such as Campaign Monitor
 - more modules available comercially

4. Contribute! Either commercially or through opensource.

If you are Open-Source-minded person, contribute code to ATK. Fellow developers will
benefit from your contributions.

If you are professional web developer or company - go for commercial support option.
Our ATK team will continue to develop additional components. Open source community
will benefit from your custom.

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