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Your Agile Toolkit Project

Welcome to your new Agile Toolkit project. Modify this file to contain more information about your project.


Generic help on installing Agile-Toolkit based projects can be found

rm -rf .git
git init
git add .
git commit -m "Initial Commit"
  • Install [Composer] 0
$ curl -s | php
  • Update packages
$ php composer.phar update

Windows users

This Agile Toolkit setup requires symlinks to be able to access the default Agile Toolkit resources like images, css files etc. How to use symlinks on the Windows platform is described here. After, you should create the following symlink:

cd public/atk4
mklink ../../vendor/atk4/atk4/templates/ templates

Error codes

5300 User cannot be authorized (user cannot be authorized with set lhash) 5301 User exist but lhash is out of date, get a new one. 5302 There is no necessary parameter provided 5399 Unexpected Error

5310 User has no rights to see 5311 User has no rights to add 5312 User has no rights to update 5313 User has no rights to delete

5320 Record doesn't exist

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