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This is our first maintenance release that solves several important issues.

  • Change: $m->insert() will return ID and not clone of $m. Cloning was causing some problems.
  • Change: calling ref() on object without active record will return you object without active record instead of exception
  • Change: $m->ref() into non-existant hasOne() relation then saving it will update field inside $m.
  • Added ability to call save([$data]), which will combine set() and save()
  • Added support for $model->title_field
  • Added $m->isDirty()
  • Added afterUnload and beforeUnload hooks.
  • Added support for automated model reloading
  • Added support for advanced patterns described here:
  • Added support for Related Aliases. Now you can hasOne() hasMany() to itself.
  • Fix: when you update field from join and then immediatelly save()
  • Fix: when you join on existing field
  • Fix: update and delete no longer try to use join or aliases
  • Fix: setting different values twice wouldn't reset dirty status if you return to the original
  • Fix: dirty flags are still available for afterSave() method (so that you know which fields were saved)
  • Documented $m->withID();
  • Updated to latest version of DSQL

Included PRs: #75, #74, #73, #72, #71, #70, #65, #63, #61, #58, #55