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John and Kevin are friends. In time of need, John loaned $50 to Kevin. Kevin has promised to pay back in 1 month, he didn't. John and Kevin are no longer friends. Many of us have been there, done that.

"I wish there would be an app for that!" - says John.

I know!

Let's build this application together!!. And when we do, lets share it with others so they can also learn how to build web apps.

This is actually a tutorial!

In this repository you will find a tutorial and an actual implementation for the problem described above. To show you progression in how the app was being created, we kept a git branch for each major milestone in the history of the application.

You are currently on a branch master which contains a version 0.1 of the application.

Live Application link:

What Next?

Clone this repository locally and start reading Tutorial - Step 1. Follow all instructions carefully!

If you have never used Agile Toolkit before, you should first complete the introduction section.

>> Tutorial - Step 1


  • help us translate this tutorial into your language. Simply create PR and add translations for all tutorial steps.
  • if you find any bugs, please open issue or PR.