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Our 1.6 release signifies a switch from a stale Semantic UI CSS framework to a community-supported Fomantic UI fork, version 2.6.2. Calendar widget is now supported natively, various other issues are addressed but, more importantly, Fomantic UI is open for collaboration. We are working with their core maintainers hammy2899, prudho and ColinFrick to implement new modern UI features.

Also now have ability to resize any table, Grid or CRUD:

// Enable reizable columns on the table

// Also supports custom callaback (on-resize) and ability to pre-set the width:
$table->resizableColumn(function($j, $w){
    $columnWidths = json_decode($w);
    // store widths somewhere
}, [200,300,100,100,100]); // default widths


// For Grid or CRUD:

We also introducing a somewhat experemental "Lookup" field. It is identical to AutoComplete and can work as a stand-in
replacement, but supports "filters". For now we are looking for ways to make this field more compact before it becomes
part of AutoComplete.

$form = $app->add(new \atk4\ui\Form(['segment']));
$form->add(['Label', 'Add city', 'top attached'], 'AboveFields');

$l = $form->addField('city',['Lookup']);

// will restraint possible city value in droddown base on country and/or language.
$l->addFilter('country', 'Country');
$l->addFilter('language', 'Lang');

//make sure country and language belong to your model.
$l->setModel(new City($db));

Closed issues:

  • Menu->addItem is not using App->url method #565
  • $grid->jsReload() does not show loading indicator #561
  • In CRUD form->error() is not treated correctly #558
  • DropDown with icons don't look nice #514
  • jsNotify->setDuration(0) message is not sown forever #478
  • Paginator should have ability to choose items per page #441

Merged pull requests: