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Fractal animation using C++ and the OpenCL framework
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Fractal animation using C++ and the OpenCL framework

See writeup here


  • ffmpeg
  • OpenCL framework
  • OpenCL C++ wrapper (cl.hpp)
  • make
  • g++

Tested on

  • Ubuntu Linux 16.04
  • Linux Mint 18
  • OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Compiling/running this program:

$ git clone
$ cd opencl-fractal-animation
$ make -C src/
$ ./render.o <video size in px> <colormap png file>


$ ./render.o 500 colormaps/ocean.png

Outputs a 500x500-pixel 60-FPS .mp4 video colored using the colormaps/ocean.png image

Changing animation parameters

See src/render.cpp lines 46-53:

Parameter Property
num_frames Changes number of frames in the 60 FPS video
center_re Pan video left/right
center_im Pan video up/down
zoom Zoom in on video
c_re Starting real part of complex number C
c_im Starting imaginary part of complex number C
c_re_step Step per frame for real part of C
c_im_step Step per frame for imaginary part of C
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