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Marmalade - A Python Client for This Is My Jam

  • Tastes Great
  • Good on Toast
  • Easy to use!


$ easy_install -U marmalade


import marmalade

me = marmalade.TIMJUser('tylerbw')
def print_friends(user):
    print "Followers:"
    for i, follower in enumerate(user.get_followers(sort='affinity')):
        print '\t',i,':',follower.get_full_name()


def find_slacker_friends(user):
    return [friend for friend in user.get_followers() if not friend.has_current_jam()]

print find_slacker_friends(me)

a_jam = marmalade.Jam.from_user('flaneur')
print a_jam.get_num_plays()

def find_most_popular_follower(user):
    return sorted((friend.get_num_followers(),friend) for friend in user.get_followers())[-1][1]

print find_most_popular_follower(me)

import random
def random_walk_generator(user, steps_away):
    yield user
    followers = user.get_followers()
    for _ in xrange(steps_away):
        new_user = random.choice(followers)
        yield new_user
        user = new_user
        followers = user.get_followers()

print " ==> ".join( for u in random_walk_generator(me, 4))


Look at the source or for more examples.


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