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+from wsgiref.handlers import format_date_time
+from datetime import datetime
+from time import mktime
from requests.auth import AuthBase
-from sign import Signer
+from .sign import Signer
class HTTPSignatureAuth(AuthBase):
+ '''
+ Sign a request using the http-signature scheme.
+ key_id is the mandatory label indicating to the server which secret to use
+ secret is the filename of a pem file in the case of rsa, a password string in the case of an hmac algorithm
+ algorithm is one of the six specified algorithms
+ headers is a list of http headers to be included in the signing string, defaulting to "Date" alone.
+ '''
def __init__(self, key_id='', secret='', algorithm='rsa-sha256', headers=None):
self.signer = Signer(secret=secret, algorithm=algorithm)
self.algorithm = algorithm

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