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Experimental Vercel Vercel Deployed Liscence


Dev Update — Feb 13th, 2023 [Updated: March 05th, 2023]

Jest has been setup, but no progress on building tests has been made. Life is busy atm!

Dev Update — Feb 10th, 2023

I am currently taking a short break in development of this theme. I am in the final phases of a job search, and getting ready to move into a bigger place to give some much needed room to my growing family! I am hoping to continue development before the end of next quarter!

This website is still being developed! 🥳

The porftofolio application has currently hit the Beta phase and is ready to be forked if you are familiar with React and Next. The next release cycle will focus on a better DX—moving from local JSON to MongoDB, setting up Sanity for GUI page editing, Unit Testing with Jest, adding TypeScript, etc.

Next & App Architecure

  • Next.js v13 : Waiting for /app/ folder to leave beta

App Architecure & Design Systems

  • App\Systems\Margins : Continuing to develop Design Token System
  • App\Systems\Padding : Continuing to develop Design Token System


  • Pages\About
  • Pages\Case Studies
  • Pages\Articles : API options and connections for and HackerNoon not complete
  • Pages\Projects : Single project details page

Articles Page

  • Pages\Articles\Medium\API
  • Pages\Articles\\API
  • Pages\Articles\HackerNoon\API

Projects Page

  • Pages\Projects\Project : Single project details page

Please fork this repo! 🦄

Fork, Install, Editing, and Deploy instructions coming soon(ish)!

This is my first open-source contribution, and it was also a great oppoortunity for me to learn!

It is my hope that by sharing this project it can give others a chance to enjoy learning Nextjs (and have as much fun as I did), and hopefully brings value to people as a portfolio and networking tool!


An open source portfolio site built on Nextjs and React








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