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This is a java plugin for the Minecraft server software Bukkit.
It allows you to create your very own guns and ammo for these!
The properties of the items can be set in the configuration files.
Enjoy! :)

	 * ---NEW---    
	 * 1. Hook into certain plugins: Citizens(request that npcs can held guns an use them), Chestshop(guns should be buy/sellable)
	 * 2. Make magazines as ammo, which contains a specific amount of bullets to safe inventory space
	 * 3. Add "Number of Bullets" option (fireing takes config amount of ammo each shot)
	 * 4. Add Area of Effect option (such as targetenity in effects, area that is influnced) # but perhaps also add configurable
         *    amount for each axis.
	 * ---FIX---
	 * 1. HUD should overlay the zoomtexture 
	 * 2. The file data.dat has a bunch of empty lines before the actual data, perhaps add sql support for storing the data
         A '#' behind the todo/fix means they are done.
         A '+' behind a todo/fix means they are in progress of being added. 
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