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OpenBIM Benchmark

This benchmark includes a model validation and transformation use cases in the context of construction industry. It comes also with a set of EMF-compliant BIM (Building Information Model) models with increasing size going up to 1 Gb. A BIM model is described using the IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) specification, a freely available format to describe, exchange, and share information typically used within the building and facility management industry sector. Input models are made publicly available here

Use cases description

Well formedness rules

This benchmark involves validating the set of well-formedness rules over a given model, model that conforms to the IFC Ecore metamodel (1). An Ecore metamodel is provided, coming from the open-source BIMServer project. The well-formedness rules are given in EXPRESS format and are meant to be translated to the query technology under evaluation.


This benchmark involves performing the translation of a full IFC model into the BIMXML format. Ecore metamodels for the source and target models are provided.

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