UDF array functions that allow you to do group calculations with arrays stored as blobs.
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User Defined functions for mysql to support arrays

These functions allow you to store arrays in a mysql blob and then do functions such as select maxarray(arrblob) from datatable group by location;

This is real useful when working with stored spectrum data because if you collect a lot of spectrum samples over a period of time and want to create a peak hold then you could do it inside the sql instead of downloading all the data and then programatically generating a peak hold type trace.

You can also average your traces with avgarray() or generate a minhold type function with minarray.

To install

  1. run make to generate the library
  2. rename library libudf_arrayfunc.so and put it in /lib/lib64
  3. Then run the following commands in mysql to make functions available.
  • mysql -u root myql -e "create AGGREGATE FUNCTION avgarray RETURNS STRING SONAME 'libudf_arrayfunc.so';"
  • mysql -u root mysql -e "create AGGREGATE FUNCTION minarray RETURNS STRING SONAME 'libudf_arrayfunc.so';"
  • mysql -u root mysql -e "create AGGREGATE FUNCTION maxarray RETURNS STRING SONAME 'libudf_arrayfunc.so';"
  1. Last but not least restart mysql