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(uiop:define-package :next/video
(:use :common-lisp :next)
(:export :download
(:documentation "Download videos on the Web.
Command defined in this package: `download-video'.
It tries by default to use the program `youtube-dl', that you must
have in your path.
You can also write a new function that takes a URL as parameter, and
bind it to `next/video:*download-function*'. In doing so, you can
rely on the `next/video:download' function, that does error handling
and process management.
*Disclaimer*: this feature is meant to grow with Next 1.4 and onwards!
;XXX: show progress
;XXX: make it appear in the recent downloaded files
;XXX: ask any destination
What can be done: automatically install the required program, better
notifications, choose videos, etc.
(in-package :next/video)
(declaim (type (or null string) *download-program*))
(defparameter *download-program* "youtube-dl"
"The external program to download videos with. Defaults to youtube-dl.")
(declaim (type (or null list-of-strings) *download-args*))
(defparameter *download-args* nil
"Default arguments for the download command as a list of strings. See also `download-arguments' which adds more.")
(declaim (type (or null trivial-types:proper-list) *preferred-download-directories*))
(defparameter *preferred-download-directories* (list download-manager::*default-download-directory*)
"List of favorite directories to save videos to. If it contains more than one entry, we are asked for the destination.")
(defun download-arguments (url target-dir)
"Return a list of arguments for the download command.
Appends `*download-args' and -o /target/directory/%(title)s.%(ext)s (for youtube-dl)."
(declare (ignorable url))
(append *download-args* (list "-o" (format nil "~a/%(title)s.%(ext)s" target-dir))))
(defun resolve-download-directory (target-dir)
(or target-dir
(first *preferred-download-directories*)
(defun download-command (url &optional target-dir)
"Return a list of strings composing the full download command, ready to feed to uiop:launch-program."
(let ((target-dir (resolve-download-directory target-dir)))
(setf target-dir (string-right-trim (list #\/) (namestring target-dir)))
(append (list *download-program*
(download-arguments url target-dir))))
(defun download (url &optional target-dir)
"Download asynchronously and notify on success or failure."
(unless target-dir
(setf target-dir (resolve-download-directory target-dir)))
(echo "Starting download of ~a to ~a." url target-dir)
(log:info "Starting download of ~a to ~a." url target-dir)
;XXX notify progress.
(launch-and-notify (download-command url target-dir)
:success-msg (format nil "Video downloaded to ~a." target-dir)
:error-msg (format nil "Failed to download video.~&")))
(error (c)
(log:warn "Error downloading ~a to ~a: ~a" url target-dir c))))
(defparameter *download-function* #'download
"Default download function.")
(in-package :next)
(define-command download-video ()
"Download the video of the current URL with an external program."
(let* ((url (url (current-buffer))))
((null next/video::*preferred-download-directories*)
;XXX: ask destination.
(funcall next/video:*download-function* url))
((= 1 (length next/video::*preferred-download-directories*))
(funcall next/video:*download-function* url (first next/video::*preferred-download-directories*)))
(with-result (target-dir (read-from-minibuffer
:input-prompt "Target directory"
(lambda (input)
(file-completion-function input next/video::*preferred-download-directories*)))))
(funcall next/video:*download-function* url target-dir))))))
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