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add: function to bookmark current-url
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jmercouris committed Aug 23, 2018
2 parents f43cae6 + a3d1c12 commit ccc289b44610ada4ae9c875910af7720e85b546b
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@@ -45,6 +45,11 @@
(with-result (url (read-from-minibuffer (mode *minibuffer*)))
(%bookmark-url url)))
(define-command bookmark-url-from-buffer ()
"Allow the user to bookmark a URL from the current active buffer."
(let ((url (interface:web-view-get-url (view *active-buffer*))))
(%bookmark-url url)))
(define-command bookmark-delete ()
"Delete a bookmark from the bookmark database."
(with-result (bookmark (read-from-minibuffer

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