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About Us

Welcome to btcschools! . Btcschools is practical oriented tutorial site come with best PHP & Cryptocurrencies Collections. All source codes in repository are derived from

Btcschools aims to

  • Reduce programmer's development cost.
  • For ease of programmer to enroll blockchain world.
  • Collect fans, build community and grow together.
  • Discover and share good repository.
  • Promote beautiness of decentralized techs.

Supported cryptocurrencies

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Any other bitcoin derived coins
  • Ethereum
  • Tron
  • ... More to come ...


List Of Repositories

bitwasp_bitcoin_php iexbase_tron_api kornrunner_eth_raw_tx kornrunner_php_keccak furqansiddiqui_erc20 web3p_rlp web3p_php


  • We do not store neither private key nor your personal information.
  • Please do not submit private key to any website include, unless you are clear to your motive.
  • For bettery security. You can download the repo and run at your local.
  • To save development cost. Please run your test at testnet prior to mainnet.
  • Throughout all tutorials, form validation is loose, so please enhance it for your own.
  • Pages' content are constantly keep reviewed to avoid mistakes, but we cannot warrant correctness of all contents. Report issue to us here.


  • To setup one in your hosting. Please rename common.php.sample to common.php and fill in your own details.
  • Update libraries/ by navigating to libraries/ (directory where the composer.json located) and run the command below
$ php composer.phar update