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biocache-store Build Status

Scala implementation of biocache backend. This code base manages the loading, sampling, processing and indexing of occurrence records for the ALA. There are additional tools to support outlier detection, duplicate detection and identifying extra-limital outliers based on authoritative distribution polygons for taxa. Please use the Ansible scripts to set this software up in your own environment.


We are currently running 2 development branches

  • master branch is using cassandra 3.11 and SOLR Cloud 6 or 7.
  • legacy 1.9 which is using cassandra 1.x, with SOLR 4.

Build notes

This library is built with maven. By default a mvn install will try to run a test suite which will fail without a local installation of a name index. The name index can be downloaded here and needs to be extracted to the directory /data/lucene/namematching or wherever the name.dir is configured to point to in your /data/biocache/config/ file.

Also, to pass SDS tests the system requires sds layers. They can be downloaded here. Or, if that link does not work try here. Extract the content of this file into /data/biocache/layers.

To skip the tests during the build, run mvn install -DskipTests=true.


For a list of releases click here For a list of built releases, see here

Version 2.x

The 2.x version of this code base that makes use of cassandra 3.x and SOLR 6.x with SOLR cloud support. See the cassandra3 branch for details.

There are differences when using

  • case sensitive cassandra schema
  • no remapping of class to classs and order to bioorder

solr.collection config var is mandatory


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