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First stable release.

This package is a descendant of Aura.Sql. The Atlas.Pdo Connection differs from the Aura.Sql ExtendedPdo object in significant ways:

  • The Connection does not extend PDO; it cannot fulfill a PDO typehint, though it does proxy method calls to the decorated PDO instance.

  • The Connection does not rebuild the query statements to allow for array binding and repeated placeholders. That kind of work is now left to other Atlas packages.

  • The Connection object is not lazy-loading; creating a Connection actually opens a database connection. Lazy-loading is now in the province of the ConnectionLocator.

  • The ConnectionLocator getRead() and getWrite() methods no longer take a $name argument. They will always return the first read or write connection opened with the locator (or the default connection if there are no factories for read or write connections). To get a named connection for a connection type, use the get() method.