Query builders for Atlas.Pdo connections.
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Provides query builders for MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, and Microsoft SQL Server backends connected via Atlas.Pdo.

Read the documentation here.


This package is a descendant of Aura.SqlQuery but differs from that package in significant ways. Some of those differences include:

  • The query objects depend on an Atlas.Pdo Connection (which can wrap a regular PDO instance).

  • There are no database-specific query classes as with the Aura package, though some database-specific behaviors are provided. This means the query object can be more reliably typehinted and provide IDE auto-completion, but at the cost of providing some methods that some databases may not recognize.

  • The Insert class provides only single-row inserts, not multiple-row.

  • Binding of values into Atlas queries allows for different PDO parameter types.

  • Some method names have changed slightly; for example, cols() is now columns(). Likewise, some method signatures have changed; for example, whereas in Aura.SqlQuery a method might take an array of expressions, the equivalent Atlas.Query method may use variadic arguments instead.