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JSON Schema validation for Human πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ€
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JSON Schema validation for Human

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Main goal of this library is to provide relevant error messages like the following:

Enum Validation Error


$ yarn add better-ajv-errors
$ # Or
$ npm i better-ajv-errors

Also make sure that you installed ajv package to validate data against JSON schemas.


First, you need to validate your payload with ajv. If it's invalid then you can pass validate.errors object into better-ajv-errors.

import Ajv from 'ajv';
import betterAjvErrors from 'better-ajv-errors';
// const Ajv = require('ajv');
// const betterAjvErrors = require('better-ajv-errors');

// You need to pass `jsonPointers: true`
const ajv = new Ajv({ jsonPointers: true });

// Load schema and data
const schema = ...;
const data = ...;

const validate = ajv.compile(schema);
const valid = validate(data);

if (!valid) {
  const output = betterAjvErrors(schema, data, validate.errors);


betterAjvErrors(schema, data, errors, [options])

Returns formatted validation error to print in console. See options.format for further details.


Type: Object

The JSON Schema you used for validation with ajv


Type: Object

The JSON payload you validate against using ajv


Type: Array

Array of ajv validation errors


Type: Object


Type: string
Default: cli
Values: cli js

Use default cli output format if you want to print beautiful validation errors like following: Enum Validation Error

Or, use js if you are planning to use this with some API. Your output will look like following:

    start: { line: 6, column: 15, offset: 70 },
    end: { line: 6, column: 26, offset: 81 },
      '/content/0/type should be equal to one of the allowed values: panel, paragraph, ...',
    suggestion: 'Did you mean paragraph?'

Type: number null
Default: null

If you have an unindented JSON payload and you want the error output indented

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