Playing with the lights on sphero bb8 via clyon.js
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Playing with the lights on sphero bb8 via clyon.js

The majority of the setup of this project was from this excellent gist by @jakswa

This project is not endorsed by sphero, it hasn't broken mine but use this at your own risk!


cd bb8-lights
npm install

First scan for your BB8 (the device name should contain BB in it, you may have ot run this twice):

> sudo cylon-ble-scan
Peripheral discovered!
  Name: BB-3B29
  UUID: 161205d4f3a04149a1ea82762d30fd86
  rssi: -63

Create a new config.js file

> mv sample-config.js config.js

Then take the UUID and assign it to uuid in your new config.js file (mine is below for an example).

module.exports = {
  uuid: "cb157b931d5a4066bdc73de6080b794b",
  debugger: true

Then run node bb8.js!

The script ends using process.exit() when the colours have finished looping.

What next?

I'd like to incorperate some more interesting colourschemes and possibly include some reaction to the accelerometer readings.