A library to spatially enable Backbone.js with the help of Leaflet.js
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SpatialBB (or "spatially enabeled Backbone") is an attempt to merge the MVC-capabilities of Backbone.js with the spatial capabilities of Leaflet.

How it works

A Model in SpatialBB (a MarkerModel) is a subclass of Backbone.Model, and works in much the same way. When initualized with data it expects to find a "position"-attribute, which is an object with a "lon" and a "lat" attribute.

If no "position"-attribute is specified, a SpatialBB.MissingPositionError is raised. To slience this, set initPos: false in the options. This is useful when fetching data via "fetch()".

To get the position, use the "getMarker()"-function on the MarkerModel, this returns a Leaflet Marker.

A Collection in SpatialBB (a MarkerCollection) is a subclass of Backbone.Collection, and expects it's models to be MarkerModel (or subclasses of this). Upon initialization of a MarkerCollection a Leaflet LayerGroup is created, this can be accessed via MarkerCollection.getLayerGroup(). Models added and removed from the collection will cause Markers to be added or removed from the LayerGroup.

This combination ensures complete interaction between the model and it's spatial component.


  • Add support for events


SpatialBB is Licensed under the MIT-License, see LICENSE.TXT


The buster.js library is used for writing the tests for SpatialBB. Be sure to set up buster.js correctly to run tests