A jQuery-plugin to create a map that follows your text.
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Storymap is a jQuery-plugin to create a map that follows your text. Annotate each paragraph and place a map alongside it. Then you can zoom/pan/add marker etc to the map as the reader reads through the text.


See http://atlefren.github.io/storymap/

Known issues

Will not work well on mobile (map gets removed on small screens)


Storymap expects some (rather common) js libs to be available:

  • jQuery (as it is a jQuery plugin)
  • underscore.js (as it makes js easier to work with)
  • Leaflet (because we need a map)

In addition the markup is based on Bootstrap 3.


Should be rather simple. Setup a html page like the one in index.html, include dependencies and do a

el.storymap({markers: dict_with_data});

on the element you wish to add a storymap to. By default, the plugin looks for elements that has a "data-place" attribute, sets the breakpoint 33% from the top of the page. This can be overridden by setting some options, like this:

    markers: dict_with_data,
    selector: '[data-place]', //jquery for selectors to trigger an event
    breakpointPos: '33.333%', //position of the breakpoint
    createMap: function () { //function that creates a map
        // create a map in the "map" div, set the view to a given place and zoom
        var map = L.map('map').setView([65, 18], 5);            
        // add an OpenStreetMap tile layer            
            {attribution: '&copy; <a href="http://osm.org/copyright">OpenStreetMap</a> contributors'}
        return map;


Storymap is licensed under the MIT license.


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