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Realtime consumption of wxs-services
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NOTE: This is a fork of wxs.threejs, for the original version please refer to the original reposityory.

Wxs3Map is a lightweight JavaScript library build on top of the great three.js library.

The main purpose is to facilitate showing small 3d-blocks of the world, using the OGC services WCS for elevation data and WMS/WMTS for textures (maps or sattelite/aerial photos).


The recommended way to use wxs.threejs2 is by some tool like Webpack or browserify:

npm install wxs3map --save

And then

import Wxs3Map from 'wxs3map';

If you want to include this as a "traditional" js package, add the build/Wxs3Map.min.js to your project, as well as build/trackball.js.

and the libraries:

  • three.js
  • underscore
  • proj4js


A new 3d-scene is created using the following syntax

var threeDMap = window.Wxs3Map.default(options);

Here options is an object of the following structure:

Option Type Default Description
div String null Id of div to place scene in
bbox String null Bounding box of area to show
bboxCrs String EPSG:4326 Crs of bbox
wireframe Boolean false Show wireframe (for debugging)
zMult Number 1 Factor to adjust z-values (height) by
crs String EPSG:32633 Internal coordinate system of scene
texture TextureOptions Configure texture, see below
terrain TerrainOptions Configure terrain, see below
profiles ProfileOptions[] Configure texture, see below


Option Type Default Description
type String wms Type of texture (wms or image)
wmsUrl String Url to wms server
wmsLayers String topo2_WMS Wms layers to use
wmsFormat String image/png Wms format
imgUrl String null Path to image used for texture if type = image


Option Type Default Description
pixelsPerVertex Integer 8 Resolution of the height model in the image
wcsResolution Integer 10 Resolution of grid cell in meters
coverage String land_utm33_10m Wcs coverage to use
format String geotiff WCS format (geotiff or xyz)
showBox Boolean true Show a box around the terrain slice
boxColor Hex color 0xdddddd Color of the box around the terrain slice



  1. npm install
  2. npm run dev-server
  3. Navigate the browser to http://localhost:8080/demos/
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