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VFP XML Library Set

A set of VFP classes for XML processing.

List of developed classes

XMLSerializer Reads an XML document to create a corresponding VFP object, or writes a serialized VFP object back to XML, or an original VFP object to XML.

The reader concept was based on the original work by Marco Plaza, and on his great nfXMLread() function.

Status: complete.

XMLCanonicalizer Canonicalizes an XML document. Only the first W3C test cases are covered, for now.

Status: usable.

XMLSampler Reads an XML Schema, and produces a sample XML document out of it.

Status: usable.

In alpha-development

XMLSecurity set of classes to sign, encrypt, and secure XML documents.

JsonToXML a simple JSON to XML converter.

Ideas for the future

  • SOAP client
  • XML Schema to VFP Class
  • ...

License and other stuff

  • The use of all classes is governed by an UNLICENSE.
  • There are a few dependencies on other classes that may be, or not, externally documented. Check the specific XML class documentation, for details.
  • atlopes may be found at LevelExtreme, Foxite, or Tek-Tips VFP forum.


A set of VFP classes for XML processing.




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