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README community engine site.

for more information on community engine see

you can find setup instructions under vendor/plugins/community_engine/README

please contact an organizer if you are interested in helping with the site.

== Making changes to the server

To add new packages or make configuration changes on the server, please
edit the following files. They contain examples for common configurations.
If you have any questions about how to make a particular change, the Rails
Machine staff is always ready to help.

- config/moonshine.yml

  Use this file to manage configuration related to deploying and
  running the app: domain name, git repos, package dependencies for
  gems, and more.

- config/gems.yml

  This file controls the gems installed on the server

- app/manifests/application_manifest.rb

  Use this to manage the configuration of everything else on the
  server: define the server 'stack', cron jobs, mail aliases,
  configuration files

== Deploying

On every deployment, Moonshine will make sure that all gems, packages, 
and configurations are as specified in <tt>moonshine.yml</tt> and in the
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