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All the social media pages that you should like to stay updated with IIT Patna.
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Open Source Love


  • Browse all the pages in Atleast get an idea what it is
  • Generate a social page plugin for each page from here
    • Tabs : timeline
    • Height : 300
    • Adapt to plugin container width. DO NOT enter anything in width box.
    • Hide Cover Photo.
    • Twitter plugin
    • Uncheck rest all options.
  • Click on Get Code button and switch to Iframe tab. Put that page's plugin (IFrame) code in index.html along with some title and appropriate styling.


Contribute and Make a PR

See how to contribute

  • If you encounter a page that in not in
  • If you want you add your changes.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

If you liked the repo don't forget to star it !

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