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Linux drivers for Atmel maXTouch touchscreen controllers


This documentation gives information about integrating, building, configuring, and debugging drivers for Atmel maXTouch devices under Linux and Android. It assumes that the reader has either prior general understanding of Linux platform (e.g. installation, compilation) or is capable of finding the relevant information from the web.

Object-Based Protocol

The control interface to all maXTouch chips conforms to a standard system known as the "Object-Based Protocol" which defines how to interact with the various objects that are implemented on any particular chip. It defines a mapping between registers and configuration values, and a way for objects to send status update messages to the host.

The Overview section of Atmel AT42QT1085 Object Protocol Guide (on the Atmel website) gives a full description of Object Protocol.

Note: the AT42QT1085 was made in 2011, so although Object Protocol has not changed, the actual objects present on a more recent maXTouch product will be very different. A full protocol guide is issued by Atmel for each new chip version.

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