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  • Move things out of GitHub's private network, favor heroku. 31
  • Move to node 0.10.21 for security fixes. 36
  • Don't crash on redirection without location header.
  • Whitelist content-types rather than blindly accepting image/*. commit
  • Disable keep-alive connections 70.
  • Stop writing pid files 28



  • Use pipe() to pause buffers when streaming to slow clients
  • Fixup tests and Gemfile related stuff
  • Workaround recent heroku changes that now detect camo as a ruby app due to Gemfile presence
  • Ensure a location header is present before following redirects, fixes a crash


  • Fixup redirect loops where following redirects goes back to camo
  • Add Fallback Accept headers for type image/*
  • Fixup issues with chunked encoding responses
  • Explicitly set User-Agent headers when proxying


  • Follow 303s and 307s now too


  • Follow redirects to a configurable depth