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This is a little merb app that serves as an openid provider. The rails provider
app inside of the ruby-openid gem is dated and has 0 specs. I needed one at work
and it seemed best to learn the code by specing as I go. This works w/ merb
Requirements (UNIX)
% sudo gem install bundler
% gem bundle
On Localhost
% script/merb -p 4001
To connect to this you're going to need a user, we can't register them yet though. :\
Have your browser redirect to http://localhost:4001/users/:id
The development environment has a user 'atmoose'
with email ''
with password 'foo'
it's useful for testing clients
A client should hit 'http://localhost:4001/users/atmoose
In Staging
Ghetto God Config that uses 'pkill -9 -f merb' in the stop script
In Production
Ghetto God Config that uses 'pkill -9 -f merb' in the stop script
OpenID Tester
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