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A merb app that's an example of braintree's transparent redirect payment gateway.
By using this you can process credit card data but don't store any sensitive
information in your system. What's killer is that NO sensitive information
flows through your system. What's this mean?
* You don't post to your app with credit card info in the params hash.
* There's no code in the app that directly deals with entire credit card numbers.
* We only speak in terms of a token that braintree provides.
* We couldn't retrieve the entire credit card number from the token if we tried.
Requirements (UNIX)
% sudo gem install thor
% thor merb:gem:install
% cp config/braintree.yml-example config/braintree.yml
% cp config/database.yml-example config/database.yml
% git clone git://
% cd braintree_transparent_redirect_slice
% rake repackage
% cp pkg/*.gem ../gems/cache
% thor merb:gem:install
% bin/rake
On Localhost
% script/merb
% open http://localhost:4000
Login with the username 'quentin' and the password foo.
Braintree Info
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