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@@ -16,17 +16,22 @@ h2. Client Libraries and Frameworks
* [[django-riak-sessions|]] - Riak-based Session Backend for Django
+* [[Django Riak Engine|]] - A Riak backend for Django
*Go* (Go is a language recently released by Google. Read more about it [[here|]].)
* [[riak.go|]] - a Riak Client for Go
+* [[Grails ORM for Riak|]]
* [[Riak Plugin for Griffon|]]
* [[spring-riak|]] - Riak support from Groovy and/or Java
+* [[Riak PBC Pool|]] - Riak Protocol Buffer Client pool application
* [[Pooly|]] - Riak Process Pool
* [[riakpool|]] - Application for maintaining a dynamic pool of Protocol Buffer client connections to a Riak database
* [[pooler|]] - An OTP Process Pool Application
@@ -133,6 +138,7 @@ h2. Recipes, Cookbooks, and Configurations
h2. Other Tools and Projects
+* [[Riakyo|]] - Kyoto Cabinet backend for Riak
* [[Riaktivity|]] - A Ruby library for storing timelines in Riak
* [[Timak|]] - A Python library for storing timelines (activity streams) in Riak
* [[Statebox_Riak| ]] - Convenience library that makes it easier to use [[Statebox|]] with Riak. (There is a great blog post from the Mochi Team about how this is used in production [[here|]]. )

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