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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project name="jMonthCalendar" default="jmonthcalendar" basedir=".">
<!-- SETUP -->
<loadfile property="version" srcfile="VERSION.txt" />
<property name="src.dir" value="src" />
<property name="src.js.dir" value="${src.dir}/js" />
<property name="src.css.dir" value="${src.dir}/css" />
<property name="lib.dir" value="lib" />
<property name="build.dir" value="build" />
<property name="JAR" value="${lib.dir}/js.jar" />
<property name="YUICompressor" value="${lib.dir}/yuicompressor-2.4.2.jar" />
<!-- File names for distribution -->
<property name="JMC" value="${build.dir}/jMonthCalendar.js" />
<property name="JMC_LITE" value="${build.dir}/jMonthCalendar.lite.js" />
<property name="JMC_MIN" value="${build.dir}/jMonthCalendar.min.js" />
<property name="JMC_PACK" value="${build.dir}/jMonthCalendar.pack.js" />
<!-- MAIN -->
<target name="jmonthcalendar" description="Builds and concates source files to one." depends="init">
<echo message="Building ${JMC}" />
<concat destfile="${JMC}">
<fileset dir="${src.js.dir}" includes="jMonthCalendar.js" />
<fileset dir="${src.js.dir}" includes="date.js" />
<fileset dir="${src.js.dir}" includes="time.js" />
<replaceregexp match="@VERSION" replace="${version}" flags="g" byline="true" file="${JMC}" />
<echo message="${JMC} built." />
<target name="min" depends="jmonthcalendar" description="Remove all comments and whitespace, no compression, great in combination with GZip">
<echo message="Building ${JMC_MIN}" />
<apply executable="java" parallel="false" verbose="true" dest="${build.dir}">
<fileset dir="${build.dir}">
<include name="jMonthCalendar.js" />
<arg line="-jar" />
<arg path="${YUICompressor}" />
<arg value="--charset" />
<arg value="ANSI" />
<arg value="-o" />
<targetfile />
<mapper type="glob" from="jMonthCalendar.js" to="jMonthCalendar.min.js" />
<echo message="${JMC_MIN} built." />
<target name="pack" depends="jmonthcalendar" description="Remove all comments and whitespace and compress">
<echo message="Building ${JMC_PACK}" />
<java jar="${JAR}" fork="true">
<arg value="${lib.dir}/build/pack.js" />
<arg value="${JMC}" />
<arg value="${JMC_PACK}" />
<echo message="${JMC_PACK} built." />
<target name="all" depends="clean,jmonthcalendar,min,pack">
<echo message="Build complete." />
<target name="init">
<echo>Running Init</echo>
<mkdir dir="${build.dir}" />
<target name="clean" description="Deletes the build directory">
<delete dir="${build.dir}" failonerror="false" />
<target name="release" depends="all">
<echo message="Building release ${version}." />
<property name="" value="jMonthCalendar-${version}" />
<property name="release.folder" value="${build.dir}/${}" />
<mkdir dir="${release.folder}" />
<mkdir dir="${release.folder}/css" />
<mkdir dir="${release.folder}/js" />
<copy todir="${release.folder}/css">
<fileset dir="${src.css.dir}" />
<copy todir="${release.folder}/js">
<fileset dir="${build.dir}" includes="*.js" />
<fileset dir="${src.js.dir}" excludes="jMonthCalendar.js, date.js, time.js" />
<copy file="doc/Demo.html" todir="${release.folder}" />
<zip destfile="${build.dir}/${}.zip" basedir="${release.folder}" />
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