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@pascalhorton pascalhorton released this 19 Nov 16:18


  • Addition (merge) of the code of the optimization with genetic algorithms to the main repository.
  • Creation of the Downscaler.
  • Addition of the NOAA 20CR-v2c ensemble dataset.
  • Addition of the CERA-20C dataset.
  • Addition of the CMIP5 dataset.
  • Addition of CORDEX data
  • Transforming geopotential into geopotential height.
  • Adding other MTW time steps.
  • Adding an option to specify different time steps for the calibration / archive periods.
  • Adding a time properties to take into account temporal shift in the predictand.
  • Handling of both 3h and 6h ERA-20C dataset.
  • Specification of the number of members in the parameters file.
  • Adding an option to remove duplicate date from members.
  • GFS urls are now configurables.
  • Getting predictor time step from files.
  • Getting the spatial resolution from file.
  • Adding capacity to read some unregistered predictor variables.
  • Adding GAs presets.


  • Code moved to GitHub.
  • Adding continuous integration (Travis CI and AppVeyor).
  • Adding code coverage of the tests.
  • New MSI installer with WiX.
  • Getting some libraries through external projects.
  • Simplification of the CRPS calculation.
  • Speeding up data loading.
  • Adding possibility to skip data normalization.
  • Removing the slow coefficient approach in criteria calculation.
  • Removing the slower processing version.
  • Heavy refactoring to simplify class names.
  • Refactoring parameters files.
  • Refactoring processor code.
  • Reduce time for assessing the number of analogues.
  • Improving parameters file parsing.
  • Fix a bug when transforming Geopotential variable.
  • Better acceptance of NaNs in the predictand values.
  • Using initialization lists everywhere.
  • CMake files are now organized by folder.
  • Improving Forecaster messages.
  • Changing the predictor files listing approach.
  • New predictor area implementation.
  • Improving and simplifying GUIs.
  • The predictand DB build tool is accessible from anywhere.
  • Stopping the calculations when there is not enough potential analogs.
  • Limit the relevance map extension.
  • Allowing the duplicate dates by default.
  • Defaulting to 1 member.
  • Saving results from Monte Carlo analysis.


  • Fix archive length check with ensemble datasets.
  • Fixing an issue of grid resolution when loading data.
  • Fix issues with VS.
  • Fixing link issues with cURL on Linux.
  • Fixing new GFS files parsing.
  • Fix compiler warnings under Windows.
  • Correctly closing grib files.
  • Fixing screen resolution issue on Linux.
  • Adding missing CL help entries.
  • Force unlock weights when sum > 1.
  • Fixing Monte Carlo analysis.
  • Fixing background color.