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@pascalhorton pascalhorton released this 23 May 14:48


  • Support of GRIB1 files with ecCodes.
  • Adding a generic NetCDF predictor class.
  • Addition of real gradients processing.
  • Addition of S1 variants: S0 and S2.
  • Addition of other nonspatial criteria.
  • Support of IFS outputs.
  • Addition of the ERA5 dataset.
  • Addition of custom period definition (selection of months).
  • Adding analog dates-only extraction method.
  • Get preloaded data from another level if not available.
  • Adding options for seasons definition.
  • Addition of 2D Gauss function for preditor weighting.
  • Implementing time dimension for grib files.
  • Addition of lightnings data normalization.
  • Adding on-the-fly standardization.
  • Support non trivial time arrays for data loading and missing files.
  • Supporting more complex predictor hours.


  • Migrating from g2clib to ecCodes.
  • Improving support for NaNs.
  • Handling resulting files with many stations.
  • Allow Optimizer to not have a validation period.
  • Allow for negative MJD values.
  • Allow for retention of more analogs than the defined number.
  • Adding common variables definitions between predictors.
  • Addition of new reanalyses variables.
  • Allowing different file structures for ERA-interim.
  • Using more C++11 features.
  • Improving GRIB parsing efficiency.
  • Heavy refactoring of the time arrays.
  • Adding command-line logo.
  • Updating the predictand DB tool GUI.
  • Better management of missing files.
  • Getting rid of the pseudo-normalized criteria.
  • Refactoring the management of the time reference.
  • Removing custom exception class.
  • Logs refactoring.
  • Removing call to Forecaster from the Viewer.
  • Improving use of config.
  • Auto generate the dependencies for Debian packages.


  • Fixing minimum domain size for S1 and S2.
  • Fixing time issue with the 6-hrly time step.
  • Fix an issue related to GAs crossover on the criteria.
  • Fixing issue with a Google layer projection.
  • Fix a bug in multithreaded downloads.
  • Fix command line usage of builds with GUIs.