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CAD Files for the Atmos XR headset
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Atmos DK1 Headset

We are excited to release our first batch of headset files! Our goal is to get these parts in as many printers, and hands, as possible, and take in your feedback to improve the headset shell in any way we can.

As we work towards our production headset, there will be additional releases of new parts you can print, snap on, and join us in our development journey! For any and all feedback, come chat in our #BetaPrinters channel in our Discord:

For Fusion 360 users, download the full scene here:



  • FDM 3D Printer (SLA/SLS requires additional materials)
  • Needle Nose Pliers (support removal)

Printer Setup

  • Download a 3d Slicer (Cura)
  • Update the Printer Profile to match you printer
  • Level the 3d printer bed and apply an even coat of painter’s tape or adhesive
  • Cura Settings (recommended)
    • Layer Height: 0.2mm
    • Initial Layer Height: 0.25mm
    • Infill: 20%
    • Infill Pattern: Triangles
    • Supports: On, everywhere, and angle at 60 degrees
    • Temperature: Based on Filament, check label
    • Print Speed: 60-70mm/s
    • Build Plate Adhesion: Skirt

The Parts

  • Back 1
    • PLA, 88g with supports, 78g final

  • Back 2
    • PLA, 70g with supports, 63g final

Congrats! You've assembled your first Atmos headset. How was the experience? Did the parts fit together nicely? Have ideas for improvements? Lets chat about it:

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