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Welcome to ARTS.
ARTS is free software. Please see the file COPYING for details.
For documentation, please see the files in the doc subdirectory.
For building and installation instructions please see the INSTALL file.
It is likely that you want to install ARTS under your home directory
as a normal user. In this case, if your homedirectory is /home/myself,
you should run the configure script like this:
./configure --prefix=/home/myself/local
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you check out ARTS from subversion, you have to
replace './configure' with './'.
This will install the executable to /home/myself/local/bin and the
documentation to /home/myself/local/artsdoc. Of course, you should
make sure that /home/myself/local/bin is in your $PATH.
If you do not specify a prefix in this manner, ARTS will be installed
to /usr/local. See INSTALL file for more details. For some reason,
using the `~' to specify the home directory seems not to work in the
configure option.
There are some ARTS specific configure options:
--without-hdf : Disables HDF support in ARTS. By default, configure
autodetects the HDF library. Note: Without HDF you will not be able to
use Qpack.
If autodetection of HDF fails, it is probably installed in a non-default
location on your system.
To make arts aware of the location of the HDF header files, try adding
'-I PATHTOHDFHEADERS' to CPPFLAGS before calling configure.
E.g.: export CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/include/hdf/"
Accordingly for hdf libraries:
export LDFLAGS="-L/usr/lib/hdf/"
or wherever hdf is located on your system.
--with-numeric-type=ARG : ARG could be double or float. Double is the
default. At the moment, there is no guaranty that ARTS works correctly
with float.
--with-integer-type=ARG : ARG could be short, int, long or size_t. The
default is long. Again, ARTS could fail if you choose a non-default
type here.
--enable-more-warnings : Makes gcc complain about everything.
--enable-debug : Debug mode is turned on by default. To compile
without debugging information call configure with --disable-debug.
--with-arts-data=PATH : Set the path where the arts-data packages is
--enable-maintainer-mode : Call this if you want to modify the sources
or documentation. This mode requires the following tools: doxygen,
latex, pdflatex.