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QuickLook generator for patch files
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QLPrettyPatch is a QuickLook generator for patch files.

Once installed, you can select patch file attachments in an email or patch files in Finder, hit spacebar and get a colorized/prettified representation of the patch.

From the Terminal, you can also run qlmanage -p /path/to/my.patch to open the patch in a QuickLook preview pane.

Example patch file QuickLook preview


There are two options for installation:

  1. To install a pre-built copy, head to the Releases page and download the latest file. Unzip the archive, and copy QLPrettyPatch.qlgenerator to ~/Library/QuickLook/.
  2. To build your own copy, clone the project, open QLPrettyPatch.xcproj in Xcode and build the Install target. The build product will automatically be copied to ~/Library/QuickLook/QLPrettyPatch.qlgeneator.


QLPrettyPatch uses the incredibly useful PrettyPatch formatter, which is used by the patch review system on

Related Tools

If you find yourself sending emails with patch attachments and want to include a prettified version of the patch in the email body, you should take a look at my atnan/purdypatch command line tool. It uses the same underlying formatter as this QuickLook generator.

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