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Specify that the mach service you're connecting to is privileged.

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SMJobBless + XPC

SMJobBlessXPC is based off Apple's SMJobBless sample code, but uses XPC over Mach ports for communication between the app and privileged helper tool.

Original README

For the original README that ships with Apple's SMJobBless sample code, see ReadMe-Original.txt.

Outline of changes to the original sample code

The following changes have been made to Apple's sample code:

  • Project files and build configuration have been updated to more modern settings.
  • Issues that were causing compile warnings have been corrected.
  • Code signing identity has been changed from "Joe Developer" to "Mac Developer". You will need to edit SMJobBlessApp/SMJobBlessApp-Info.plist and SMJobBlessHelper/SMJobBlessHelper-Info.plist to reflect the Common Name (CN) of the certificate you're using to sign your app & helper tool.
  • The helper tool registers a Mach service named with launchd.
  • The host application connects to the helper tool using XPC via the registered Mach service, sends a message and receives a response.
  • A status log is displayed in a text field in the host application to show what's going on.


Apple's SMJobBless sample code, modified to use XPC for app/helper IPC



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