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README for SMJobBlessXPC, with reference to Apple's original README.

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+# `SMJobBless` + XPC #
+`SMJobBlessXPC` is based off Apple's `SMJobBless` sample code, but uses XPC over Mach ports for communication between the app and privileged helper tool.
+## Original README ##
+For the original `README` that ships with Apple's `SMJobBless` sample code, see `ReadMe-Original.txt`.
+## Outline of changes to the original sample code ##
+The following changes have been made to Apple's sample code:
+* Project files and build configuration have been updated to more modern settings.
+* Issues that were causing compile warnings have been corrected.
+* Code signing identity has been changed from "Joe Developer" to "Mac Developer". You will need to edit `SMJobBlessApp/SMJobBlessApp-Info.plist` and `SMJobBlessHelper/SMJobBlessHelper-Info.plist` to reflect the Common Name (CN) of the certificate you're using to sign your app & helper tool.
+* The helper tool registers a Mach service named `` with `launchd`.
+* The host application connects to the helper tool using XPC via the registered Mach service, sends a message and receives a response.
+* A status log is displayed in a text field in the host application to show what's going on.
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