A Clojure/Lucene-based mail indexer for use with Gnus and nnir.el
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This is a Lucene-based mail indexer that can be used with Gnus and
nnir.el--the first non-trivial Clojure program I wrote.  Ah, memories.

It's probably still rough around the edges, but I thought I'd plonk it
here on the off-change it's useful.  It at least shows how you can use
Lucene from Clojure without too much trouble.

Building it

The usual steps:

  1.  Get Leiningen from http://github.com/technomancy/leiningen and put
      the 'lein' script somewhere in your $PATH.

  2.  From mailindex's root directory, run `lein uberjar'.  Lein will grab
      all required dependencies and produce a `mailindex.jar'.

Running it

Have a look at the included "mailindex" shell script--that's how I run
mine.  You run it with three arguments: the location of your (nnml)
maildir, the directory to store your Lucene indexes in, and the port to
listen on.

The first time you run mailindex it will run off and index all of your
mail.  Once it has finished this, you can search it just by telnetting
to its port and typing your query.  For example:

  $ telnet localhost 4321
  Connected to localhost.
  Escape character is '^]'.

  from:triggs clojure

  (["misc" "6888" 18178] ["misc" "7237" 14001] ["misc" "7440" 14001]
   ["misc" "6908" 13526] ["misc" "6914" 9401] ["misc" "7598" 6751]
   ["work" "76803" 6751] ["misc" "6877" 6031] ["misc" "7647" 5857]
   ["misc" "5456" 5696] ["work" "25454" 5696] ["misc" "7657" 5696]
   ["misc" "6878" 5554] ["misc" "7359" 5494] ["misc" "5645" 5169]
   ["work" "38731" 5169] ["work" "55885" 4725] ["misc" "6666" 4725]
   ["misc" "5552" 4686] ["misc" "5571" 4641] ["work" "33614" 4377]
   ["posted" "311" 4377] ["misc" "7615" 4327] ["misc" "6876" 4138]
   ["misc" "7250" 4114] ["work" "56007" 3586] ["misc" "6675" 3586]
   ["posted" "309" 3586] ["misc" "7541" 3502] ["work" "74509" 3502])

Mailindex returns a bunch of triples representing matching messages.
These consist of: the group of the message, the message number, and the
relevance score.  Results are sorted in descending order of relevance.

Integrating with Gnus/nnir

"contrib/mailindex.el" contains the configuration I use for integrating
with Gnus.  Put this into your emacs load-path, add (require 'mailindex)
to your ~/.emacs, and then hitting 'G G' from Gnus's group buffer should
prompt you for a query string, fire off a search and display an
ephemeral group with matching results.

The query syntax

Query syntax is Lucene's standard syntax, although I do attempt to be
clever and munge queries on the fly.  Some examples:

  # Messages with a sender containing 'triggs' and the word 'clojure
  # anywhere
  from:triggs clojure

  # Anything sent between June 2008 and January 2009 containing the word
  # 'porcupine'
  date:[200806 TO 200901] porcupine

  # Boolean madness
  from:triggs AND (to:clojure OR to:vufind) AND subject:pickles