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simple geocoder comparison tool
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Yonder is a tool for comparing geocoder results. Enter your string once and compare the results on a single map.

Yonder is a JavaScript application that has no server-side dependencies. As such, all geocoders must have a JavaScript API or JSONP support. I also used this as an opportunity to play with Backbone.js for the first time. Please let me know how I can make improvements.

Supported Geocoders

How do I add a geocoder?

Geocoder support is done via a Backbone.js model. Simply add a new model to add support for another geocoder. The short version is:

  1. Open js/models.js
  2. Add a new model to geocoderList that extends GeocoderModel
  3. Set the type, name, and color properties for displaying results
  4. Implement the geocode method to fetch the geocoder results
  5. Implement the parse method to normalize the results to display
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