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DDS Python API


pydds is a simple Python API for Vortex Lite and for OpenSplice.

This API supports:

  • IDL-based Topic Types. In this case the equivalent python type has to be defined using the appropriate ctype structure.

  • Python Objects. Python objects can be used as Topic types, in this case the wire representation is that of flexy-types, meaning a key/value pair.

Regardless of the kinds of type definition interoperability and instance management are maintained (see code examples).


pydds depends on:

  • jsonpikle, please refer to the project page for installation informations.

  • OpenSplice, refer to the installation instructions to see how to get it set up.

Once the dependencies are intalled simply do (assuming your are running on Linux):

$ cd dds-python
$ ./configure.linux
$ python3 install 

To test your installation do:

$ python &
$ python 

Equivalently you can test the flexy types by:

$ python 
$ python